CARGO; Fyne Goods ONLINE STORE From All Over the World, to You! Interesting, Unique and Hard to Find Items, A Great Place to Shop!

What is Cargo; Fyne Goods all about?  It's about an opportunity or website that you can go to, that has already collected and made ready for sale, to you, a wide variety of items covering a wide spectrum of, Vintage types of objects, that you will find interesting or even extraordinary.  So to the point, we think that it's the place to go that has such a great variety of items - items for everyone, thus, something for everyone, so you'll always find your "something for someone" you've been looking for!

There's obsolete items on the site, items not in manufacture anymore, as well as hard to find items, things that you wouldn't come by without looking far and wide, for.  

Cargo; Fyne Goods does go the extra mile for you then just the ordinary. Best to say, if you make a purchase on CFG, it's going to be something special.  

All of our items are hand picked  to represent a buyer somewhere!  Say for instance, you want to buy a Turquoise ring for your Husband, well you'll find many of them here, but you'll also see not only many, but sometimes you'll find the Most Extraordinary of Turquoise Rings, that most likely, you wouldn't find anywhere else!  One that is just ... Perfect!

After traveling the World Over and collecting many choice Vintage Items from anywhere and everywhere, we who run Cargo Fyne Goods placed most, if not all of our collected items, on eBay.  

Now, we're happy to present to you, the same excellent products, here, as well, as the one's still on eBay. You can now BUY DIRECT, from the same people who brought you eBay's WSExpress, on Cargo; Fyne Goods!

Like WSExpress, which Shopped the World for you, and people liked it because of that, Cargo Fyne Goods prescribes to the same acquisition motto and also shops the world over, and will always have a wide variety of exceptional, unique, hard to find, Vintage Items for you to just look at, or choose to purchase!  We hear people like to, just check out, what's on the pages of CFG!

On Cargo; Fyne Goods, you can just look at all the items and enjoy yourself, It's the wide and interesting selections we choose to post, that keeps the interest the most!  

Vintage Items, 1970's Leather Jackets to Tribal Rings, Bollo's and Cuffs to some of the Finest Art Pieces & Sculptures, offered anywhere! That and more is what you'll find on the pages of Cargo; Fyne Goods!

Auctions, Bidding, Buying and Begging, that's what we do, For You!  For you to look at an item on our site and say, 
I love it & I want it!  And before you know it, It's on Her Finger or you've just Hung it on your Living Room Wall, for all to see and enjoy!

We're proud of what we can offer you, something different, unique & special.  As well, we take pride in what we're doing, and we thank you for being here and enjoying what you see!

Smile alot & thank you!

Warren ~