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  • 1884 Carson City (CC) Morgan Silver Dollar - Highly Collectable!

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          1884 Morgan Silver Dollar 

    1884 Carson City (CC) Morgan Silver Dollar

    Mint Condition
    Only 1,136,000 Struck
    Beautiful Slabbed Coin

    This tough to find 1884-CC (Carson City, NV) US Mint Morgan Silver Dollar was part of the GSA Hoard Release of the early 1970's. Each coin, composed of 90% Silver, is in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition and Arrives in Original GSA Holder with Certificate of Authenticity and Serial Number!  

    Except in the West where they were actively utilized in casinos, Morgan Silver Dollars generally did not circulate much due to their size and weight. Consequently, the bulk of the issue, Hundreds of millions of coins, eventually returned to the vaults of the U.S. Treasury. 

    In November of 1962, during the Treasury’s annual Christmas inventory, a large number of uncirculated Morgan Dollars still in their original Mint bags were discovered. Collectors and dealers, having gotten wind of this find, quickly began exchanging silver certificates for $1000 bags of the rare coins at a tidy profit. On 24 June 1968, though, this lucrative window closed as Congress announced that silver certificates could no longer be redeemed for silver dollars. 

    After the Congressional announcement, the Treasury inventoried what was left of its silver dollar hoard and found 3,000 bags, roughly three million coins, including many with the more desirable Carson City mint mark. These Carson City coins were packaged in hard plastic holders and offered up for sale through a mail-in bid system by the General Services Administration (or GSA). 

    GSA Morgan Silver Dollars were offered in the following dates: 1878-85 and 1890-91. Each coin has a fineness of .900, yielding .77344 troy ounces of pure silver per coin, and measures 38.1mm in diameter. The coins take their name from their designer, the British engraver George T. Morgan. Morgan recruited a Philadelphia schoolteacher named Anna Willess Williams to pose as Lady Liberty for the new design, and it is her portrait that occupies the coins’ obverse. The reverse, or back, of the coins displays a heraldic eagle holding the traditional American symbols denoting strength at peace and in war, a clutch of arrows and an olive branch, in its talons.

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