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  • Anti-Gravity Black Ops Cold War Solingen Knife

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    A Black Ops Cold War Militia Artifact
    Knife used during and around WW 1 & WW 2

    NO Automatic Parts - Referred to as a Gravity Knife - Opens by Gravity Only

    Blade and item made in Solingen, Germany

    Hard to Find Item 

    Militia artifact / souvenir

    • Used behind Enemy Lines
    • WW I  & WW ll
    • Black Ops or Black Operations are field movements during War or Cold War time, secret illegal, domestic, International, surveillance, assassination plots, kidnapping, clandestine infiltration and other "black" ops usually made by Spy's or Unclassified individuals, not affiliated with either side.
    • Considered a War relic / artifact
    • 2 blades, one flat the other the same length of the blade, but it's a round, long thick, heavy Bore, or needle. Ea. served as a way to succumb or overpower their target.
    • No COA
    • Item merchant / distributor - purports / implies the above
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    Own part of Military History!

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