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  • A Year To Remember - The Uncirculated Coins of 1941!

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    A Year To Remember ...

    - The Uncirculated Coins of 1941! 

    The Set of all
    Uncirculated 1941 Mint Coins!

    Included in this set is:

    •     1941    Lincoln Wheat Penny
    •     1941    Jefferson Nickel
    •     1941    Winged Liberty or Mercury Dime - Silver
    •     1941    Washington Quarter - Silver
    •     1941    Liberty Walking Half Dollar - Silver

      Included is the COA - Certificate of Authenticity

    Most times when you open up one of these sets you find all the coins that supposed to be in it, 
    but over the years they've all been taken out and replaced with CIRCULATED COINS ...

    Not This Set, All The Coins are the actual ORIGINAL COINS and they are all United States Mint UNCIRCULATED Coins...

    The 2016 US Official Guide "The Red Book"  lists the 1941 Uncirculated Mint Set Value at $1350.00