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  • SOLD - New TSD UG131 FPS-250 Green Gas Airsoft Revolver

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    New Green Gas Airsoft Guns

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    New TSD UG-131 FPS-250 Green Gas Airsoft Revolver

    Go green, or go with Green Gas Airsoft Guns that is! Unlike spring powered Airsoft rifles, green gas Airsoft rifles are auto/semi auto and can fire multiple BBs at once without cocking or reloading. Green gas Airsoft guns are generally faster and easier to reload than their CO2 gas powered counterparts. This makes it perfect for Airsoft battles. Most gas Airsoft guns tend to be powered by green gas now-a-days as well. Make sure to grab some spare BBs, extra green gas canisters and accessories with your order! Buy a package deal with your favorite accessories and save even more!
    TSD UG131 FPS-250 Green Gas Airsoft Revolver