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  • The Only Lincoln Silver Half Dollar That Exists

    $350.00 $250.00

    The Only Lincoln Silver Half - Dollar
    Issued 1918 Illinois Centennial Commemorative Half-Dollar

    This is one of the Only LINCOLN SILVER HALF DOLLARS
    ever produced by the US Mint.

    Accompanying the Half Dollar is the Abraham Lincoln Sesquicentennial Issue One Cent Stamp - Issued February 12, 1959 in Hodgenville, Kentucky

    This is a real keepsake - only 100,000 were minted to help with the Centennial celebration of Illinois.

    The Only Lincoln Silver Half-Dollar
    A compassionate, revealing portrait of young Abraham Lincoln. Most Americans don’t even know it exists. Yet the only Lincoln fifty-cent coin in U.S. history — the 1918 Illinois Centennial Commemorative — could easily become one of the most sought-after coins in the country with its centenary fast approaching. A true scarcity, only one Lincoln half-dollar was minted for every 4 million namesake pennies struck to date! What’s more, this extraordinary coin was struck in 90% silver — a level of precious metal not seen in modern commemorative half-dollars. Fortunately, we have secured a small quantity of these landmark 90% silver coins.

    To appreciate the distinctiveness of this scarce Lincoln half-dollar, compare the portrait with that on the classic Lincoln penny. Where the one-cent piece presents an austere, dignified President helming the nation at a time of great crisis, the silver half-dollar is remarkably different. On it we see a very private man full of promise and deep in thought. Where the Lincoln penny celebrates a beloved legend, the 1918 Lincoln silver half-dollar reveals a very human man.

    As the ideal complement, this seldom-seen commemorative coin is accompanied by the coveted one-cent Lincoln stamp issued more than half a century ago. Like the coin, it too shows Honest Abe as a beardless younger man. Both coin and stamp are protectively encapsulated and displayed, along with informative narrative and an archival portrait of Lincoln, in an elegant, bonded-leather Collector’s Folio. Preserved in desirable circulated Extra Fine condition, the coin is specially mounted so you can enjoy every exquisite detail, front and back.